Welcome to our new CLO

Welcome to our new CLO

Welcome Xoe

Xoe Sazzle

TTTC Community Liaison Officer

Xoe Sazzle, a very popular celebrity in the LGBTQIA and ally community who known by her alias or as we say in T&T ‘sobriquet’ – Mizz Jinnay. As a younger member of the entertainment industry Xoe blazed her own trail entertaining people with her creative dialogues on a range of life issues. Today she continues to reach out to her fanbase and also members of the trans community with weekly group support sessions.

We are very happy to welcome Xoe as our new CLO . She will def be an asset to our outreach and education sessions and is already sharing tons of innovative ideas about how we can improve our stakeholder engagement.

“as a member of the LGBTQIA Community I am very happy to join Brandy with her outreach and advocacy for those most vulnerable people in our community. I feel privileged to be part of a regional network of CLOs who are boosting the efficacy of NGOs like the TTTC, especially in during the COVID-19 pandemic”.

Author: editorialteam

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