In memory of our sister Sasha

Helping to make opportunities for the trans community

Realising Sasha’s Dream

Sasha Fierce was a transgender woman who’s dream was to work hard, save money to invest in improving her skills with the aim of having a better quality of life. She was actively involved in supporting the work of the Trinidad and Tobago Transgender Coalition and took personal interest in the welfare of other trans women, particularly those who were engaged in transactional sex work like she was.
In 2018 she was found murdered in Nelson Mandela park in Port of Spain. Most likely she was plying her trade and ended up a victim of a hate crime. No witnesses came forward, but other sex workers recalled seeing her on the streets the evening before her body was found.

About the Project

The Sasha fund was launched by PRIDETT in 2019 to provide scholarship opportunities. In 2020 TTTC expanded the the fund to the Sasha Project to include skills learning workshop at its drop in centre.

The Sasha Fund

Will make financing available to transgender individuals to enroll in academic, skills learning or the arts that they are suitable qualified for.

The learning Centre

The sasha learning centre will provide free education and skills development in Microsoft basic tools and will eventually expand into other areas of learning

The ultimate vision of the Sasha Project is to in the near future become sustainable economically by encouraging community donations, small fees from those who can afford and more importantly providing access to education for LGBTQIA migrants. Sasha’s dream of helping others would have been realised.