Congratulations to Brandy!!

Congratulations to Brandy!!

An International Point of Light

Awarded HRH Queen Elizabeth II’s Point of Light

3TC Director and Founder Brandy Rodriguez

Congratulations to our Founder and Director, Brandy Rodriguez on the award of the Point of Light by Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth the Second. The Newly inducted High Commissioner for the United Kingdom to Trinidad and Tobago, Excellency Harriet Cross-Jeff Mayers, surprised Bandy with the good news of her nomination last week and followed up shortly after with the fantastic outcome that the Queen had selected her to be one of a short list of people around the British Commonwealth to receive the prestigious award.

It recognises the laudable efforts of people to make their communities, countries or those of others a better place. Brandy has been not just an advocate for the fundamental human rights of LGBTQ+ people but also a supporter of rights for migrants and sex workers. Her early days of advocacy and humanitarian work saw her in the trenches, holding the hands of trans-women dying from HIV, challenging the system to help them get food and access to health care and against all odds demanding that she and other trans-persons have the equal right to exist like everyone else in T&T.

“For 22 years it has been an uphill battle, especially in the Caribbean. My conviction to not be silenced and to help vulnerable people keeps me committed to my goal of a better more inclusive future for all.

This award gives further encouragement and will allow me to continue shedding light on the importance of including all people, particularly the transgender community. I will also use it to shine a spotlight on the importance of sexual and reproductive health rights.

I know that, together, we will all be able to create a TT where everyone is comfortable and free to be themselves.”

Brandy Rodriguez

3TC Director

Excellency Harriet Cross said that she was inspired by the work that Brandy has been doing to promote inclusion, while driving progress on key issues like sexual and reproductive health rights and wished her continued strength to continue with her good work.

“… I hope this award will remind us all that equality and inclusion are right and necessary and that all human beings deserve to be treated fairly.”

Excellency Harriet Cross

High Commissioner of UK to T&T

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