Our work

Taking action for and beyond our community

Our work focuses primarily on delivering services to members of the transgender and non-binary community in T&T.
We also work with partner organisations to provide support for other members of the LGBTQ+ community, sex workers, migrants and persons of concern seeking asylum.

Areas of our work

Human Rights

Advocacy and Education

TTTC was the first organisation to openly raise its voice up for the rights of Transgender and non-binary or gender non-conforming people in Trinidad and Tobago. Our advocacy also includes the promotion of the fundamental rights of LGBTQ+ people , migrants and sex-workers.

In 2021 the TTTC will launch its gender education project to increase awareness of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression

Sexual & Reproductive Health

Advocates for equal access

Our history of fighting for access to health care for trans-people and sex workers with dignity and respect goes back to the AIDS epidemic, when our people were marginalised because of stigma and discrimination. Today our work continues with valuable partnerships to advance access for HIV and STI testing and care for LGBTQ+ peoples, specific migrants and sex workers.

Sustainable Future

Working the SDGs in mind

Climate Change as a result of human activity threatens the entire planet. We all have a responsibility to contribute to smaller carbon footprints and make smarter choices for a sustainable future. TTTC is doing it’s part to be more sustainable and to encourage our friends and communities to take climate action. We also advocate for the inclusion of Trans inclusive policies in national climate resilience planning.

Humanitarian Assistance

Reaching out to help the vulnerable

We are a take action organisation. Our work began with humanitarian services to vulnerable trans-women in urgent need. We try to provide food supplies, hygiene kits and other supplies to some of the most vulnerable members of the LGBTQ+ community as well as sex-workers.

As Covid-19 increases our vulnerabilities we continue to reach out to partners and the public to ask for contributions.